Special Procedures

We are proud to announce that we now offer the Z-System patient positioning device by ZDi, Solutions - an industry leader in Radiation Oncology and Radiologic setup solutions. The Z-System device is the only one of its kind for Radiation Therapy and Proton Therapy applications. The device is also used for Special Procedures and Interventional Radiology for increased patient comfort and immobilization during long, complex procedures. See product details for more information. 

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Z-System Patient Positioning Device

First of its kind for Special Procedures setups - Including Interventional Radiology, Radiation Therapy, and Proton Therapy

The Z-System

The Z-System Device is used to create custom foam positioning molds for Interventional Radiology and Radiation Therapy procedures. The strong Carbon Fiber frame is completely translucent and rigid to support any patient and allow imaging with almost zero artifact.

The Zeasy Foam Mold

An expandable foam product, Zeasy Foam (ZDi, Solutions), is used within the Z-System to produce a completely custom mold to match even the most complex of patient positioning needs. The foam creates a 100% supportive mold to maximize patient comfort during any procedure. The mold ensures the patient remains completely immobilized during long procedures to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

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